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ZpikesTape has been one of our biggest clients and we have helped them with branding, film, photo, design and everything in between.

Live Project
Zpikes AS
March 2020


Zpikes AS has a vision that all medicine cabinets throughout the world should contain ZpikesTape and that this should be the natural first choice for pain relief.

Zpikes AS, a recently established company that was growing rapidly. There was a need to create a clearer identity. The product was to be associated with a "painless everyday life", "a natural pain relief alternative", "A Norwegian product", "For all kinds of people". We went on an adventurous journey into Norway, met beautiful people and heard wonderful stories. The result is lots of material for their relaunch. You can see some of the material down bellow:

This Is ZpikesTape - Story Video

ZpikesTape is not like every other company.. They wanted a slightly different film to promote a launch in new countries, raise expectations and create interest.

Other work we have done for them.

Other than the material we created on our journey through Norway we have created lots of other material - we have picked out whats most relevant and you can see that here:

He Is Wearing It  

About the campaign: ZpikesTape is dropping a big campaign for their product and we where lucky to be a part of it.

The campaign is bold, unorthodox and we love it. Please enjoy the ad we put together in cooperation with Marwood: Zpikestape - He Is Wearing It.

Directed by: Iain Wiliamson Liljestam & Oliver Bugten (Post work assist.)

Application video for the product
Product Video

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