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Stand Up For Your Future! Active Stand was the first of its kind. A norwegian innovation that has been specifically adapted to provide sedentary workplaces with a little movement troughout the day.

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Active Stand
September 2021

Studies show that we sit way too much. This applies especially to office workers (which was the targeted audience). Reducing time spent sitting down is the answer and Active Stand is the solution. Active Stand was the first of its kind. The first walking board that offers a natural, comfortable and controlled movement without causing muscle tension.

Our job was to help highlight the inactivity-problem and at the same time present the new Active Stand model and all the work behind the product. Since the product was to be launched in several Scandinavian and European countries, we created a video for each country with their respective language. These can be found on here.

Creative Director: Oliver Bugten
Videographer: Per Gunnar Fordal

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