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Welcome to our filmmaking library.
Unfortunately for our non-norwegian visitors a lot of these videos are in Norwegian.

He is Wearing It

ZpikesTape is dropping a big campaign for their product and we where lucky to be a part of it. The campaign is bold, unorthodox and we love it.

Please enjoy the ad we put together in cooperation with Marwood: Zpikestape - He Is Wearing It.

Directed by: Iain Wiliamson Liljestam & Oliver Bugten (Post work assist.)

Active Stand | Commercial

A commercial we produced for Active Stand.

This is ZpikesTape

A video about ZpikesTape's story and how they got to where they are today.
We traveled to the roots of Norway to tell the company's story. It was an amazing trip and the results came out great.

Fra strykejernet i Grieghallen

We travelled with Ørjan Burøe, a very well know comedian here in Norway - to show the behind the scenes for one of his biggest shows to date. He sold out Grieghallen, one of Norways biggest venues. We came along and documented that show.

Application video for ZpikesTape

Here is an application video we made for ZpikesTape. We filmed it in our studio and created a high-end feel to the application video to make it more receivable and enjoyable for the viewers.

ZpikesTape - Launch Video

This is a launch video ZpikesTape used for their launch in Sweden. It was created to get peoples attention and give them some sneak peaks about what's coming.

The Ryokan Suite

This is a video we created for the hotell, Yasuragi. Yasuragi is a Japanese inspired spa hotell located just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. We created a walkthrough video of one of their rooms to allow their customers to get a feel for the room before they book.

SALMA® - SoMe Film

A video we produced for the very well known Norwegian salmon company, Salma. This is the first video of a series for their social media, where they showcase delicious dishes in a modern way optimized for SoMe.


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