#5 Things You Need To Have In Place Before Your Webinar

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Alexander Naglestad
May 17, 2020

5 Things You Need To Have In Place Before Your Webinar
Okay, so you have decided on having a webinar. Thats great and we belive in you! But there is a couple of really important things you need to have in place before hosting a webinar. And that is exactly what we are going to help you make sure of today! We know you as a business owner/ entrepreneur have a lot of stuff to do, therefore we are going to make this quick and get right to the point!

#1 Internet

This might seem like an obvious one, but you do not understand the importance of having a great internet connection! There have been so many great people loosing massive amounts of money because their internet were bad or they lost the connection. So make sure you have a stable high internet connection before hosting a webinar. I would recommend at least 50 mb’s.

#2 Sales Page

If you are selling something on your webinar (as you most likely are because webinars are for selling) it’s super important that you check that everything on your sales page is okay and up and running. A couple of things I recommend you check is first of all that your payment gateway is setup correctly, you should do a couple of these purchases before the webinar. The best way to check that everything is working on the sales page is simply by going though the entire process one time and if you have the opportunity make one of your friends or family members go though and check as well.

#3 Auto Emails

To get some people to attend your webinar you have made them sign up to the webinar leaving behind their email and that is what you are going to use to contact them and remind them of the webinar. This is a crucial process and you need to make sure that everything works as it should before the webinar to secure that people will actually show up haha. I once had a mistake with exactly this, the emails that where planned to be sent out didn’t because I forgot to go though the entire process and make sure that it worked. That resulted in a very delayed start and a very few attendees. This is why I want to make sure that you go through this process to make sure this dosen’t happen with you!

#4 Hosting Services

To be able to have a webinar you need something to stream your screen from and this is crucial to have in place before the webinar because if you don’t there will be no webinar. Okay, so if you are using webinar jam as an example you would be using a program as OBS as an example, then you should do a couple of test before the webinar to make sure that everything works as it should. However, if you are hosting your webinar from a platform such as YouTube you could use OBS and other programs as well, but I would recommend that you use Google Hangout. This program is integrated when you stream from YouTube and works great. However, its super important to do the test streams to make sure everything is in place!

#5 Presentation

And last, but in my opinion most important the presentation! When hosting a webinar it’s very common to use a presentation to help better sell your product and service. The presentation is the most crucial part of the webinar since that is what will actually make you money and convert the audience into customers. Because I know how important the presentation is and I have a lot of experience with webinars I decided to make an ultimate 50 page presentation template for webinars. The template walks you step-by-step through the presentation, it tells you what you should add in the presentation, how the structure of the presentation should be to increase your conversions to the highest rate possible, how to structure each slide and so much more. So if this sounds like something you would be interested in we actually have a big sale on the template today! If you decided to take action today you will get the template to the lowest price it have ever been!

I hope you appreciated the tips and tricks from this post and hope you will find success with your webinars!

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