3 Important Elements To Have In Place For Filming An Interview

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Alexander Naglestad
May 15, 2020

ey! Today I want to share some of my knowledge when it comes to filming interviews.
If its one of your first times filming an interview or something in a setting like that I hope I will be able to give some advice that might help you.

The thing I always say is the most important one when it comes to filming interviews is the audio.
It needs to be comfortable for the viewer to listen to. The thought about bad audio shouldn’t even come close to their mind in an interview. It should almost be like they would hear it in real time.
So I would say the greatest investment you can do for filming an interview is buying a good microphone. Here at Bugten Film we usually use the NTG 3 boom microphone from Røde. Here is a link to that: [RØDE Microphones -  NTG3](http://www.rode.com/microphones/ntg-3)

Next up for me is making the person you are interviewing comfortable. I would try to spend as much time with them before you shoot as possible to build a connection between you. And if you are just asking questions from behind the camera, I would say that step is even more important. And if its their first time speaking on camera professionally I would send them some tips and tricks for talking to the camera in advance. That way you will get a way more genuine interview and it will be way easier for you to edit and a better experience for the viewers as well.

Last up we have image quality. Naturally there are more elements for filming a professional interview, however today I have decided to give you the 3 I would say is the most important.
Now in terms of image quality, if you dont have a camera that shoots 4k I would try to get my hands on that. And what’s even more important is the lighting. I am not going to be able to explain to you how to light an interview right now, but we can make a video on that in the future. For now here is a good video for you to watch: [How to Light an Interview | 5 Quick Easy Setups - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HwgkOKP_VU)

That has been some tips and tricks from my end. We are going to be writing a more detailed blog post in the future going into every detail of how to film a perfect interview. But for now, go out and test. The best way to learn is by doing.

I hope you found some of this advice useful!

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